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If a member of the JLL Alumni introduces an individual to the Company who is subsequently employed, a charitable donation of £250 may be payable to a charity of their choice. The donation is only made for the successful recruitment of the new employee to JLL or LaSalle Investment Management where no employment agency or search firm fee is paid and payment is subject to the qualifying criteria below.

Whether you worked at JLL or one of our legacy companies, you played an important part in our success and we would like to keep in touch. The JLL UK Alumni programme offers a LinkedIn group, dedicated newsletters and a range of events.
The latest London event is detailed here.

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Alumni Event - Banking Hall 2015

Ami Bowyer

Ami Bowyer
Marketing Executive
Tel. 0207 087 5425

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Danielle Ranaghan

Danielle Ranaghan
Marketing Assistant
Tel. 0207 087 5565

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