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Billing Address Details

​JLL’s European Finance Centre (EFC) 

From 11 February 2013, all financial statements and correspondence for Jones Lang LaSalle Limited should be sent to the EFC’s new address at:

Jones Lang LaSalle Limited

Green Corner

Chłodna 52

00-872 Warszawa


VAT: GB 245 894718



-          Invoices should continue to be sent by email to in PDF format. 

-          Please do not send a hard copy invoice as well as a PDF.

-          There should be only one invoice included in each PDF.

-          Please enter “invoice delivery” in the subject header of any email containing a PDF invoice.

The following essential information should be included in your invoice (incorrect or missing information will result in the invoice being rejected):

-          Your Invoice number     

-          Name of contact person from Jones Lang LaSalle

-          Purchase order number (where this has been issued)

-          JLL department code (6 digits or 6 digits plus three letters)

-          The “invoice to” address as above (new address)

-          Your email address where you would like the remittance advice sent



JLL pays by electronic banking and no cheques are issued. Please ensure that your correct bank account, sort code, VAT number and UTR number (for CIS registered suppliers) are included on your invoice where appropriate.                    

JLL’s standard payment term is 30 days from the invoice date.

This change relates only to invoices addressed to Jones Lang LaSalle in its own right and not to invoices addressed to our clients c/o JLL. The latter invoices should continue to be sent to the relevant Norwich, Bristol or London addresses as currently.


If you have a question concerning invoice processing and/or payments, please contact our EFC Accounts Payable Team. 

T:  +44 (0) 20 314 71700
F:  +48 (0) 22 630 3 770