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We seek to transform the UK property sector by integrating sustainability in to all our advice and by supporting our clients with leading sustainability and energy expertise.

By delivering professional services, we create value for our clients and their shareholders. Through our advice and client relationships, we can influence the performance of a significant proportion of the UK real estate market. So our ability to advise, influence and challenge our clients to achieve more environmentally and socially responsible outcomes is a fundamental pillar of our overall sustainability effort. This requires us to integrate sustainability advice into all our services, as well as being able to provide in-depth sustainability advice and expertise where necessary.

Spotlight on... turning innovation into
a practical reality

Energy Systems Catapult is the innovation hub set up by the UK Government to help the UK navigate the transformation of our energy system and to unlock new commercial opportunities for UK plc. One of the hardest challenges is to enable a new low carbon, decentralised energy system to integrate with our existing built environment.
JLL has been advising Energy Systems Catapult for a number of years. Specifically, we have focused on how the planning system can enable decentralised low carbon infrastructure. In particular, we’ve worked with Greater Manchester to influence a city-wide energy plan that can be enacted by ten local authorities. This new framework will help Manchester deliver carbon targets up to 2035, related to homes, jobs and infrastructure. The JLL planning team is looking forward to providing further advice to Catapult to help other local authorities take similar steps throughout the UK.

The key to embedding sustainability lies in upskilling of
our staff

We have developed our own modular sustainability
E-learning curriculum. This course is now mandatory for all our UK staff - including agents, property managers, valuers, surveyors and others. The course is designed to provide a common understanding of core sustainability principles, and its relevance to real estate. It is a call to action for all our staff to become more engaged in sustainability and understand the actions they can take on a daily basis.