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Our Sustainability Proposal


We are
Building a Better Tomorrow

At JLL we believe we need to go beyond bricks and mortar.

Buildings affect our health, happiness and can make our work more productive. But they also account for more than half the total impact on the planet. Our mission is Building a Better Tomorrow...building livelihoods, relationships, ideas, places, building for a sustainable future.

In our capacity as both advisor and employer, we have the opportunity to help and influence our industry, clients, staff and communities to success long into the future. We seek to transform the real estate industry by making a positive impact. We carry out this ambition through our four areas: Clients, People, Workplaces and Communities, and through our focus on sustainability leadership.

Sustainablity Leadership
  • Generating Lasting Value for our CLIENTS
  • Engaging our PEOPLE
  • Transforming our WORKPLACES
  • Supporting our COMMUNITIES

Please note that we have re-named our sustainability programme from ‘Building for Tomorrow’ to ‘Building a Better Tomorrow’ in line with JLL’s global sustainability programme.

We are pleased to share our 2015 UK Sustainability Highlights, 2015 UK Full Performance Report and our 2015 Global Sustainability Report.